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LA FORTALEZA supports sustainable cocoa farming with UTZ certified cocoa.




We have been putting ‘more of the best’ into every one of our biscuits and sweets. We set a high value on the choice of the best ingredients and it’s important for us that our products are procured and produced in a responsible way.



In July 2015 our company took an important step in this direction with the switch over to UTZ certified cocoa.



In the long term we plan to move all of our products over to UTZ certified cocoa as this is now a pillar of our sustainability strategy.


You can recognize the UTZ Certified products by the UTZ logo on our packaging. The label stands for the commitment of the company to sustainable cocoa farming and to responsible management of natural resources, and shows that LA FORTALEZA takes its responsibility towards nature and society seriously. In this way we help to train the cocoa farmers in sustainable agricultural techniques so that they are able to improve the crop and subsequently their income and quality of life.






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Mantecados polvorones estepa fabrica La Fortaleza
Mantecados polvorones estepa fabrica La Fortaleza
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