The origins of La Fortaleza go back to the year 1928 when our grandparents managed a chocolate factory. Today, the fourth generation of our family runs La Fortaleza with the same passion and dedication for a job well done. This enables us to offer the very best sweets by being highly specialised, staying true to the support of previous generations of our family to this region, and an individuality based on our unwavering commitment to its traditions, its environment and its economic development.


Our production and distribution centre is located in a logistically strategic position in Estepa, in the centre of Andalusia, in a facility measuring 10,000 square meters and with a floor space of 5,000 square meters.



La Fortaleza produce a year: artisan mantecados, almond polverones, roscos de vino (ring-shaped biscuits baked with a touch of moscatel wine), alfajores (small cylindrical biscuits with honey and almonds), marzipan cakes, almond deseadas (small sweet almond cakes), biscuits and pasta; a wide range of products which includes the most traditional flavours without forgetting the latest market innovations.

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Avda. de la Canela, 38 - Polg. Ind. Sierra Sur

41560 Estepa (Sevilla) España   info@lafortaleza.net

Tel: +34 95 591 57 37 Fax: +34 95 591 34 45

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